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Offsite Backup

Paris Tech Works online backup service helps prevent the loss of your critical computer files. Secure backups are performed automatically each night over your existing Internet connection. You don't even have to be there!

Experts agree that online backup can be a cost-effective solution to the cumbersome task of performing regular backups...but sometimes, it's what you don't see that really differentiates us from other online storage providers.

No more worrying about broken tape drives or waiting for long backups to complete. No more fumbling for lost media or hours wasted simply trying to recover a single lost file.

Overall, it's less expensive and more reliable to use online backup to secure your critical data - especially when you consider the cost of time spent each day performing this routine task.

Encrypted copies of critical data are securely maintained in a remote online storage vault, available for instant recovery in an emergency.

No Tapes - No CDs - No Hassles

There is no expensive equipment to purchase or media to store. Just use our point-and-click software to select the file folders you want to archive. Scheduled backups are then automatically performed.

Online backup is simply a better way to backup. It is the most reliable and convenient way to protect your important documents from the unexpected.

Take all the guesswork out of daily backups. Get started with the Paris Tech Works remote online backup service today!

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